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17th Rocky Mountain Interventional Endoscopy Course 2022 (Part 1)


February 12, 2022

7:15-7:25 am               Welcome and Introductory Comments

                                     Course Directors: Raj J. Shah, MD and Sachin Wani, MD

7:25-7:35 am                Conceptualizing Organ-Preservation Interventional Endoscopy

                                     Raj Shah, MD


Session I – Pancreas

Moderator: Raj J. Shah, MD


7:35-7:55 am                Advances in Endotherapy for Management of Obstructive Chronic Pancreatitis

                                     Carlos Robles-Medranda, MD

7:55-8:15 am                Mucinous Cystic Neoplasm Management – Surveillance, Ablation or Surgery

                                     John Dewitt, MD

8:15-8:35 am                Cannulation Techniques and Interventions to Prevent Post-ERCP Pancreatitis

                                     Marianna Arvanitakis, MD

8:35-9:20 am                Video Review and Panel Discussion

9:20-9:30 am                Break


Session II– Biliary

Moderator: Anna Duloy, MD


9:30-9:50 am                Management of Biliary Anastomotic Strictures

                                     Prabhleen Chahal, MD

9:50-10:10 am              Contemporary Approach to Treatment of Complex Biliary Stones

                                      Andrew Wang, MD

10:10-10:30 am           Interventional EUS in the Minimally Invasive Management of Cholecystitis 

                                     Mohan Ramchandani, MD

10:30-11:15 am           Video Review and Panel Discussion

11:15-12:15 pm           Break Option: Virtual Meeting with the Exhibitors


Session III – Colorectal

Moderator: Steven A. Edmundowicz, MD


12:15-12:35 pm           Updated Guidelines in the Management of Large Colon Polyps: From Inspection to                                                       Resection

                                     Doug Rex, MD

12:35-12:55 pm           Latest Advances in Devices and Endoscopic Resection Techniques in the Colon

                                     Alessandro Repici, MD

12:55-1:15 pm             Colon Potpourri – Stricture, Fistula, and Leaks – What an Endoscopist Can Do

                                      to Preserve the Colon

                                      Mihir Wagh, MD

1:15-2:00 pm                Video Review and Panel Discussion

2:00-2:10 pm                Break


Session IV – Esophagus

Moderator:  Sachin Wani, MD


2:10-2:30 pm                Advances in the Endoscopic Management of Barrett’s-Related Neoplasia

                                    Jacques Bergman, MD

2:30-2:50 pm                Esophageal Strictures, Fistulae and Leaks: What Works Well 

                                     Peter Siersema, MD

2:50-3:10 pm                Endoscopic Management of GERD: Another Fad or Positive Trend?

                                     Mimi Canto, MD

3:10-3:55 pm                Video Review and Panel Discussion


3:55-4:00 pm                Closing Remarks

4:00 pm                         Adjourn

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